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  • Extra ferret is a product enriched in fresh poultry meat that respects the original diet of your ferret. With a high protein proportion and a right balance in fat items, this food insures a total digestibility and considerably diminish allergenic risks. Neatly integrated during the manufacturing process, the prebiotics preserve the intestinal flora and...

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  • Get your sample and try the Super-premium croquettes extra. 220 grams free sample* *limited to one sample per order. The sample is only offered for accessories orders on monfufu.com. You can order the sample alone, giving the fact that you participate for the shipping costs.

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  • Your ferret will have fun playing with and in this very nice Marshall play mat. Sliding through liners and playing with parts that contain bells. Dimensions: 58 x 58 cm

    16,58 €
  • Thanks to the Marshall 8 panels play pen, your ferrets will take some fresh air in total security. Galvanized, this pen is very resistant and can be covered with a safety net. This pen is perfect to closely observe your ferret. You can set it up either inside or outside. Pen’s diameter: 120 cmPanels dimensions: 46 x 74 cmSpacing between barrels: 2,5 cm...

    66,58 €
  • This is a plastic ladder for ferret cages. It is fixed with convenient hooks. Included in the Tower cage for ferret and Extra-large ferret cage as well as the Ferplast ferret cage. Sold separately its purpose is to replace or supplement the existing one for even more fun. Dimensions: 38,5 x 14 cm

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    The fame of Marshall ferret products needs no introduction. The octopus shaped Octo-play is made to stimulate and develop the nosy instinct of your ferret. No-one should forget that originally, the ferret is a nester in burrows! Comprised of a central entry (the mouth) and 5 tentacles that serve as tunnels, your ferret can spend hours in there! The...

    24,58 € 26,58 €
  • A plastic tunnel that is transparent and enables your animal to play and exercise. It is equipped with a very useful metal chain to attach it to the ferret cage. It also has multiple airing holes for a good air flow. Connects to the Ferplast curved tunnel. Very resistant!Dimensions: 10,5cm diameter and 29cm long.

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    Your ferret will have fun like crazy in this colorful Marshall Pop n Play playground! Easily set up in a pen, furniture or on your ferret’s cage. For even more fun for your ferret, you can attach the Marshall super thru-way tunnel on the playground’ side. Dimensions: 35 x 27 cm35 multicolored balls includedAdditional 15 balls lot

    26,75 € 30,75 €